Post Turtle

Posted on August 3, 2007. Filed under: Animals, clever, Humor, Jokes, Politicians, Politics |

While suturing a cut on the hand of a 75 year old Texas rancher, whose hand was caught in a gate while working cattle, the doctor struck up a conversation with the old man.

Eventually the topic got around to George W. Bush and his years in the White House. The old rancher said, “Well, ya know, George is a post turtle.”

Not being familiar with the term, the doctor asked him what a “post turtle” was.

The old rancher said, “When you’re driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that’s a post turtle.”

The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor’s face, so he continued to explain. “You know he didn’t get there by himself, he doesn’t belong there, he doesn’t know what to do while he’s up there, and you just want to help the poor dumb animal get down.”


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11 Responses to “Post Turtle”

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Great article, but personally I just as soon leave him on top of the post,…. out in the hot sun, without water, without food, even into the cold night …..I wonder how all of the people would feel that have died sence he took office….shame they can’t read this and give us their opinion…..t

I’d never heard this story before, but I can’t think of a better description of Bush. Great find!

Glad to see not all Americans think like bush. We “the rest off the world” just can’t understand the drive off the american president to wage war. Of course he’s after oil and everyone knows it so why keep up the excuse. There were no weapons of mass destruction at all. Bush destroyes everything including international relationships. What I don’t understand is that you “as in the american people” forced clinton to quite because he cheated on his wife. Which 60% off all people do, off course it not a nice thing to do but it doesn’t kill anyone. And still let Bush keep being president when you know the man has an IQ off a rat. And is directly responcible for the death off honderds if not thousands off people. Clinton was one off the better presidents at least in my opinion. I don’t want to offend anyone but I’m curious how most americans feel about this.

And here a few links off nice pics and cartoon dedicated to mister Bush:

The thing is over 50% of my “fellow Americans” think or at least thought Bush was the better option. Was just talking about this w/my folks yesterday. It makes me wanna spit I get so mad. I just don’t get it. I LOVED Clinton as a president. The economy was solid, the budget was balanced, he was working on health care and other issues I care deeply about and hadn’t seen a president attempt, much less make headway on.

The Monica thing was stupid and embarrassing and all of that but it also had nothing to do with him doing the job. He didn’t profit (monetarily) from it. He didn’t sell or give away secrets. He screwed up Monica’s life to some extent I’m sure, and she did her own as well, she was young but an adult. He didn’t send folks to war in support of his dalliance. He didn’t send thousands of our troops to their death, nor did he kill thousands of non-US citizens over this affair either.

Cheating is bad, no question, but as bad as killing folks, maiming them, wasting money on WMD that don’t exist? HELL NO!

It’s important to remember that people didn’t vote against Clinton and for Bush–they voted against Gore (the first time) and Kerry (the second time) and for Bush. Truth be told, this is like asking whether you want a stick in the eye or up your nose–neither option is pleasant, neither option will lead to any good, and any one watching will question your decision. Of course, the third alternative (smack the idiot offering you such crappy choices) never seems to occur to Americans.

As for “forcing Clinton to quit,” I’m not sure what you mean, since Clinton completed 2 terms of office–the maximum alloted by the Constitution since the 1940s. Normally, I think term limits are a bad idea, but honestly, they can’t kick-in quickly enough for me with the Cheney Presidency–er, Bush Presidency. While I don’t think Clinton was as good a president as Maddie does, at least he wasn’t the friggin’ nightmare that Bush has been. This country has been devasted by the Bush Presidency. . .and I am seriously beginning to think it will never recover–at least not in my life time. (It’s been downhill since Jefferson, in my book, though FDR and a few others weren’t bad, I’ve not lived at a time when there’s been what I’d consider a “good” president–I hope I live to see one, but I really doubt I will, since I live in a country that can elect George Bush.)

I admit my reaction was more based on frustration than on facts. What you said about choosing the lesser evil is an insite I hadden’t thought off before and helps me understand why a man as Bush can be president of the USA. We in the Netherlands (Bush probably can’t even find the Netherlands on a world map but that a side) are for american standards very euhm how do you call it I guess liberal. But still the political rulers off our country chose to join Bush in the war against Irak. Even when the war wasn’t supported by the UN. And that’s very frustrating because almost all Dutch people where against the war. So why vote if your opinion doesn’t matter. I guess thats a problem in most country’s. I find it apolling that our leaders just do what the US leader tell them to. Just because it’s the biggest power in the world (Also the country with the biggest debt in the world but thats a different subject). I’m only 21 years old so I only really have experienced Clinton and Bush. Also because I’m from the Netherlands I don’t get to hear a lot of things they do for the USA itself but more on foreign relationships. And Clinton was just a lot better at that so there for he was a good president in my opinion.

I’ve been to Florida once btw and the thing that has stuck with me true the years is that when you drive true a city everything looks nice. But when you get just a bit further from the city there are a lot off slums and really a lot of poor people. That live in horrific conditions.

So why not focus on the problems at home before causing problems else where.

Please don’t mind the spelling I can read, speak and understand englisch quite well but spelling still is a problem sometimes 🙂

Lody, Your English is just fine don’t worry about it…and it sounds as though you are very intelligent and a free thinker…Good for you….Personally, I don’t believe that Bush won the presidency by people voting against the other candidates……I firmly believe the last 2 elections were fraudulent…..Plus the monica thing was a shame too, because clinton would not attack iraq ….there are documents on file on the internet that even show what the neocons wanted to do in the mid 90’s…also never assume bush is a full, that is a mistake and it is a dangerous one, ….i did not say he was smart, i said he was not a fool and most narcissists just don’t care about anything but their own personal needs….
You are right about the cities but people like this are not concerned about the poor only about power and $$$$$$,
Also it is important for you to understand that wars are not fought for peace (thats the shame that they use to get people to fight) the truth is they are fought for $$$ money and power….Ask your self what your country got by joining in the war and what would the consaquences have been had they not……think oil refinues….iraq oil wells were already divided up before 911 and that info is on the web too, plus check out the oil pipeline that is being built through afghanistan, there is a book written by two french authors about it….it was banned in the usa until 2 years age…..the internet is your tool and it sounds like you are using it….thats good …read papers in other countries too…plus the blogs
Also make sure you ask your friends qustions so that you wake them up to talk about the world without rose colored glasses….Not this fake whats fair stuff….YOU sound very smart……create the issues dont let the politicians decide the issues that you should discuse …it is a waste of your time….also don’t assume that i am a democrat either …because i truely believe that a patriot doesn’t have a polital party……..good luck…t

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know this post was ment to be funny so i’ll wil just ask one more serious question and then stop 🙂 I know war is about power and money. But whats the reason for the US to do it for money? The USA has the largest financiel debt in the world. The debt at the moment is $ 8,944,298,270,116.34 thats nine trilion dollars. Every citizen of the US has there for a debt of 29,551 dollars. It increases every day by 1,39 billion dollars. A little oil isn’t gonna change that on a large scale combined with the financial costs off the war itself.

The US sells US Treasury bonds to keep thinks a little bit stable, and that makes the US weak in my opinion. Thats why I don’t understand why countries like my own feel the need to listen to US political threats when they need support in a war. The Netherlands alone has 300 billion dollars off US treasury bonds. Most are owned by asian counrties like China it has $900 billion. So all these countries have to do is dump these on the market and the US will be bankrupt. The dollar will reduced to nothing.

I think the war only increases the debt the US already had. And that oil isn’t going to change that. Another side effect by trying to force things on other countries is that the will not be happy. China has already threatend to dumb there 900 billion yesterday.

So I’m curious how americans think about this, and if it’s an issue in the presidential campagnes.

Personally I think a new US president has to reverse the money flow if the US wants to servive. The Asian countries will not tolerate this for ever I think.

Lody, I believe this post was meant to be thought provoking and humar is an exellent way of doing that…and i am guessing that madame welcomes your comments…we need more thinkers out there like you…and many thanks madame.!!
Don’t confuse democracy with capitalism…two different things…ok think about what is required to run a war…what do i have to buy, who makes and supplies it and while i am fighting this fake war where am i directing everyone’s attention, what is not getting done and what am i stealing…(also check out a book, the title is somthing like “Life in the Emerald City”…Why do we need to spend that much money on an embassey in Iraq…Why are we building this embassey BEFORE we provide water and electricity to the iraqy citizens…….it’s more than stealing the’s also about stealing the American treasury…
also the american people only think they are informed…they’re not..
and your country goes along for the same reasons all the others do….
check out a new news show that is starting…
i just signed up …what the world needs is REAL NEWS…hope you ask more questions,……t.

Lody, If you can afford it,sign up for that, it’s not expensive, but wi need people funded news in order to change this ‘earth around’, and that is international news, which the usa hasn’t a clue about…if you want to change things you need to educate people….try to get as many people involved in that as possibe…their agenda is to get people from all over the world to participate…..good luck..t

Thanks Toni for the comments. And for the link it seems like a very good initiative to me (Atleast if they keep being objective and not just criticise everything). I’m a student so every 10 dollars is usefull to me but I’ll keep it in mind when I make more money in the future :). The website reminds me off my histrory teacher in high school. He was an ex-journalist who told us never to believe everything people (the media) tell us. He told us the real stories behind the news. I have a lot of respect for this man. Unfortunally we only had him as teacher for 1 year. Thanks again for the comments it was very insightfull.

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