Moo Cards, to Moo or not to Moo?

Posted on August 16, 2007. Filed under: Chicago, clever, convention, Cute, First Life, graphics, PR, Second Life, VR worlds |

MOO IT! (as in Do It!)

Yes it’s a bit late for this year’s SLCC to get your order in on time (you maybe might just barely squeeze an order in but I don’t think so), as they’re shipped from the UK. Just let me tell you about my experience.

Ok, it took me a little doing to figure out the pricing etc. And then it took me a while to decide whether or not to get the cards, and then what the design should be and then to get around to just ordering them. That being said, the process was flawless.

I placed my order, got confirmation of the order right away. I wrote them a few days later to get confirmation of shipment, and they wrote right back to say they would and moments later the ship confirmation letter showed as well! I got the cards today, nicely packed in a bubble envelope, which held a surprise! The cards are encased in a plain white pvc box, nice and rigid and darn handy! The cards look just as they should and I’m delighted. Not bad for about 30 bucks, 100 custom full color cards delivered about a week from when the order was placed online.

Find me at SLCC, I’ll show you my (card)!! hehehe

Moo Cards


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