Blaaagh Statement of Purpose

I’ve blogged before, prolifically and regularly. The three I ran before covered my VR experience, a place to put all the jokey silly stuff I collected in my in-box, and a pretty traditional, non-journal blog that ran from I think Sept. 2000 until I guess about a year ago.

Things in life got in the way, drew my interested and finances and so the domains, blogs and my website went a-bye-bye. It is ok really, I needed a break, to start fresh. So I find myself blogging again, and I suspect this one will be a melding of the three previous blogs. The organizational tools available to me now are much more … helpful … in managing the hodgepodge of interests that run through my brain and out to my fingers and then onto the web. So I guess, buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

I don’t expect to do a lotta personal stuff here, just so you know. I’m just a little leery of that, as I’m actually pretty private in ways that might seem surprising to folks that meet me. Suffice it to say, I’ll freely talk about most things others won’t but I’ll hardly ever mention things everyone talks about, I’m funny that way. See, you see what I did there? ;-D

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