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Is as one would expect, clever, fun to read and literate. What I didn’t expect is he’s a big ole geek! Gadgets and Web 2.0 and podcasts oh my!

Check out Stephen Fry’s blog here.

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Pat Robertson Comes Out …

Posted on November 2, 2007. Filed under: Animals, celebrities, gay, Politics |

Against Gay pet ownership. Yes you read that right. He thinks that being gay means one shouldn’t have pets, although he’s willing to allow for cats, as they’re “spawn of Beelzebub”. If you think I’m making this up, click and read.

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Hate Crime Takes the Life of One More …

Posted on February 24, 2007. Filed under: death, Detroit, Friends, gay, hate crime, homophobia, Liberal, RadioRadio, Second Life, tragedy, VR worlds |

Andrew Anthos, a 72 year-old Detroit man was brutally attacked on Feb. 13th, and died of the resultant injuries yesterday. I am just sick that this happened, that these types of things still happen and that I know it is yet going to be a long time before hate crimes are relegated to historical fact instead of contemporary issues. Full article here on Andrew Anthos from Gay dot com.

MSN picks up the story of Andrew Anthos’ death.

I Snapzilla’d the vigil for Anthony Anthos, in progress in Provincetown sim.

Actually we kept up the vigil overnight, I loaded up the playlist w/more jazz, blues and ragtime and then let my avie idle there. Folks dropped in overnight, hung out for a while too. So today, Vertigo Paris has the stream now and is continuing with us here in Provincetown sim.

Fresh Snapzilla pic of the memorial and linkage for those of you in Second Life to join us.

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