Philip Rosedale & others testify before The House

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A lot of nothing, frankly to those well acquainted with what goes on in Second Life and other Virtual Worlds, however it is interesting to see and hear what the members of The House have gotten out of their direct exposure to SL and other Virtual Worlds. One mentions the source of the word “avatar” in an ominous manner as if the idiology of the term might foster terrorists. pfft.

From Wikipedia: “In
Hindu philosophy, an avatar (also spelled as avatara) (Sanskrit: अवतार, avatāra), most commonly refers to the incarnation (bodily manifestation) of a divine being (deva), or the Supreme Being (God) onto planet Earth.”

Link to a page where one may download The House Committee on Energy and Commerce video recording of a Hearing on Online Virtual Worlds: Applications and Avatars in a User-Generated Medium

Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet
Tuesday, April 1, 2008, 9:30 a.m.
2123 Rayburn House Office Building

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Another reason I’m happy I’ve disabled QuickTime in SL

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Check this article, it’s not a rant but a serious exploit! Thanks to JSM for sending me the article!

I’ve since heard from a few of my code and technical buds that not only has the latest QuickTime update fixed this exploit, SL’s latest updates have also closed the door on those who would attempt to do wrong with the loophole. So one way or another we should be updated (as we should be in general, right?) and safe.

Still keeping QT off as rarely do I watch video in SL anyhow why clog my pipeline with more to render?

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Thieves Get Thee Out of SL!

Posted on October 28, 2007. Filed under: celebrities, First Life, hackers, legal, metaverse, movers and shakers, Real Life, Second Life, security |

Front page of the NY Post … go gettum guys!

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VR World Phishing Hazards

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Over and over, everyplace on the web, print and broadcast media send out reminders to us all that we must safeguard our valueables, our passcodes, ourselves. Good, reasonable ideas that make sense to most of us. What yet seems to catch folks off guard and shaking their heads is the notion that while in their VR forays there might be folks lurking about looking to do wrong.

The thing of it is to me that I find that folks in VR are very much as they are RL, maybe even more so. If you are a kind and giving person, you will be so VR or RL. If you are selfish and grasping, same deal there too. If the need to take what others have is skulking about in your psyche, it may very well skulk its way out into pixelated sunshine and grow into a fellonous, noxious, kill-joy for others instead of a lil green devil on your shoulder, muttering. The anonimity of VR has often been discussed with regards to how it seems to bring out the best and the worst in folks. Well actually it seems that some folks think that “nice” people, given anonimity, “become” gaping assholes. I think the nastiness was always there, just restrained.

So, the discussion of self-preservation, online and off continues. Caveat Emptor. Watch Your Back. Don’t Take Candy From Strangers. Don’t Give Out Your Passcode. Brush Your Teeth. Use A Firewall. If The Offer Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Is. Change Your Passcode Regularly. Use A Seatbelt, Always. Don’t Use Easy To Guess Passcodes.

Oh, and most importantly …

Send Madame All Yer Lewt!

(just testing hehehe)

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Hackity Hack, 13375p34k & ADD (well mine anyhow)

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Ok, so my stupid sleep cycles have been FuX0rd for about a week or so. Last night I finally got to bed before 4 am, and here it is (7 am now, been up an hour) the time I’ve mostly been GETTING to bed and I’m awake.

So, to the compy I go, and find that the snafu my Norton was giving me fits with yesterday seems to have miraculously fixed itself. Something w/the config something got something’d and it wouldn’t recognize itself as legit and fully there on my drive and so I was w/out buggy protection. Bad bad bad. Really ticked me off. Was part/most of the way through the recommended fix, got a call from my Pops, got all distracted and bereft of seratonin, so I decided to let it rest till today (that was yesterday early evening), and a fresh set of brain to attempt the fix again.

Ok, so I’m looking through the settings to be sure what looks hunky dory actually is … and I find something I am not sure what it is that I’m looking at (or I’d describe it better, right?) and so I run to google to check it out. In the “log viewer” under “worm protection” > “system” I see this one line over and over at intervals and I’m not really sure what it is about (yet).

Details: Protecting your connection to a newly detected network on adapter “Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection – Packet Scheduler Miniport” (IP address:

Hmmm … wtf is that IP? I drop the number into Google and get a variety of hits. Something I really don’t get about XP metric blahdity blah blah blah and then this one from Cre8asite Forums, which kinda sets my mind at ease but cracks me up even more, esp. when I got to post # 6. The cartoon in # 6 is good and the link below, to the world’s worst hacker in IRC chat is even better. It is a little bit of a long read but to anyone that’s dealt with n00bsauce griefer haxx0rs, it’s a worthy time-waster, as the offender hoists him/herself on their own coaxial petard. My apologies for my mangling of Willie the Shakes.

Then I think, I gotta share this in a blog bit. And then, what to call the entry? Well, as anyone that knows me even a lil bit, I’m NOT a hacker, not a coder (I don’t think html counts really) but I love language and wordplay, so I want to be sure I get my leetspeak right, and google that to arrive at a rather nice, phat (ha!) Wikipedia page on 13375p34k, well leet actually.

Entertaining read, that. Much of the origins and base meanings I’d either guessed at, asked about or even read other’s question & answer sessions, so that was gratifying.  The table in the middle for substitutions and such, well that’s where my brain goes all swimmy but I know it is there if I need it I guess.

Further down the page are some more links to StudlyCaps, Hexspeak, etc. Also interesting in their own lil slangydialectjargon kinda way. Actually those are three words that DON’T get used to describe the use of leet-speak on the page, kinda suprised me. Although there is some discussion of leet not actually being a language,

while it may be referred to as a “cipher,” a “dialect,” or a “language,” Leet does not fit squarely into any of these categories.

I’d’ve termed it a dialect or form of slang. I”m sure someone (you know who you are) can address this issue of definition with some authority.

An hour later I find myself blogging this meandering surf-session, realizing I’ve not finished my Norton reset check, and so this entry is titled as it is!

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