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Going Home Tomorrow!

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Tomorrow, at a yet to be determined time, I’ll be heading back to the land of decent net connections, true low fat, high flavor food and my beloved squooshy couch!

Saw the cardiologist today and got the go-ahead to depart. The team at the rehab/nursing facility were also comfy w/me leaving as long as he approved.

Did find out one semi-scary but “whew!” thing at the cardiologist’s today though. Apparently I’m one of those rare folks that reacts funny to the anti-arrhythmia drug Amioderone (or whatever it’s called). He said, and I quote “Your ekg scared the bejeesus out of me.”. Seems that it makes my electrical impulses go nutty in such a way that I could go into cardiac arrest. That’s why he took me off it after 3 days.

Frankly I”m glad he didn’t tell us about it till now, Pops and I would have both probably arrested then. Love my cardiologist. Dude’s all over it and does things so nicely.

I”ll still be NOT driving for another 3 weeks or so, still being very careful about moving around, not carrying much weight and all, but I will be going to a nearby facility for more rehab work and exercise. There’s one not too far from the house that even has water stuffs so I can go easy on the knees while I walk!

First and foremost I’m delighted to have the ticking time bomb in my chest fixed. That was a bit of background noise to everything I did or didn’t do from the moment we found out about it. My blood pressure is a little lower now, I”m guessing because I am not backwashing through the deformed valve, nor the distended aorta. Yea Dr. team & a lil choice traife!

I am looking foreward to being able to eventually work and walk a little harder than before, to being able to swim again, bike again and just in general move about with less difficulty. That’s the real reason for the gastric surgery, which lead to the cardiac surgery. Well then there’s the modeling career.

Just checking to see if you’re paying attention!


I’m glad I came here, but very happy to be going home. Thank you all for your visitsand support and thoughts and help and notes and flowers and calls and emails and all that good stuff. I consider you all part of the team of folks helping me get better.

I’ll be blogging from home soon!

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Week Two: Adventures in Flappy-Backed Gowns

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I’m doing ok, yet still in the hospital as I had a lil, statistically insignificant, rather expected hiccup yesterday. Right now it looks as if I”ll stay here at the hospital for the weekend, and then I will head to a “Skilled Nursing Facility” for some rehab (cue Amy Winehouse, but I WILL go) for a few days, maybe a week and then I’ll head home.

My daily routine is up by around 5 or 6 usually so they can suck some blood out of me, take my vital signs & I can “do my biznez”. Then for the next 8 or 9 hours it’s a steady parade of physical therapy folks taking me out for walkies in the hallway (2nd gown caped on my back to not scare the natives), respiratory therapists making me huff and blow chemicals that help my lungs function better. Also the checking of the vital signs, various folks from my different Dr’s offices coming around to listen to me and look me over. I am averaging one set of visitor(s) a day, so that’s cool, too.

I find the wifi here is variable, and this lil lappie has done a great job of keeping me connected and reachable, I’m really grateful to Amanda and Jim for it’s use. I’m able to follow MY Plurks, and Private Plurks, email (both addresses, so whichever you might have will be fine) & tune in to the station. Skype is kinda choppy so mostly I’ve used my cell phone or folks call in on the land line. Totally workable.

Ok, so why the delay? What happened yesterday is that my heart went into atrial fibrilation, which is uncomfortable, makes the heart beat faster than usual, de oxygenates the brain, puts one at risk for clot formation & therefore strokes. On the really really really lucky side, one of my drs associates was right here at the moment it started. She saw it on a remote monitor when I was signaling her I didn’t feel right. She was all over it instantly, literally.

I could feel my pulse racing and was irrationally upset and frustrated that my smooth recovery had been thwarted. What is really scary about the process is that due to the de oxygenation of the brain (overly rapid pulsing of the heart muscle means you don’t get good, solid pushes of the blood, so it doesn’t circulate well nor get oxygenated right) the rational functions, memory, etc. is all diminished. I’d say about 80% AT LEAST of what I know about this process was just GONE from my head for the first 5 hours of the event. The tricky part is you still feel rational, compus mentis as it were, but you most definitely aren’t. This is a great big part of why folks are told NOT to drive for 6 – 8 weeks after surgery. The risk of having an arrythmia while at the wheel and making some really loopy driving choices is too high.

Ok so they put me on a blood thinner and something to control the arrythmia and we waited. It took a few hours for me to convert to a normal sinus beat, and I felt it right away, looked at the monitor, and saw a nurse coming in to tell me it stopped. Gotta love this place.I’ll be on versions of both those meds for the next lil bit, month or two, barring further incidences.

As far as I know, at this point, I’ll move to the aftercare facility probably on Monday. My desire to not go directly home, my fear of “Murphy” was obviously well founded and I”m sticking to my guns on this one. Exactly when my incident started yesterday, a representative from the aftercare facility was coming by to meet me. They’re holding my room so that’s ok, too.

So that’s the update, I’m waiting for my physical therapist type woman to cycle back around and take me on walkies in the hallway. I’ll try not to scare folks with my gown a-flappin’ in the breeze!

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Evernote looks very cool!

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Check out this intro viddy to Evernote, it works on phones, pda’s, pc’s and macs too, organizing data, making it all searchable. It looks to have the best text recognition function I’ve ever seen as well, such that one might take a piccy of a business card and all the text (hand written and printed) would then be indexed and searchable. Select text on a web page and “drop” it into the tool bar and your ebay item of lust is stored and indexed. I may have to try this out!

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Twitter, Plurk and other “social” media online …

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have been intriguing me and entertaining me lately. Just started with Plurk today, and so far all but one of the folks I’m “related” to are SL and Twitter pals, most are also FaceBook friends as well. I feel that somehow I’ve slipped off the slippery slope of EQ II, SL ™ and no Age of Conan (AoC) into the netherworld of rapid-fire text messaging.

It is interesting to follow some rather prominent and prolific posters in Twitter, see what they’re doing, reading, and think about common everyday events as well as politics, technological stuff and interpersonal relationships bound by internet communication primarily. Also, there is the the remarkable experience of finding out about news events even before stuff hits CNN or other major news outlets online, as well as radio and TV broadcast journalists. Quakes in China, Barak Obama clinching the nomination, as well as bomb scares and other news hits Twitter quickly and one can see it spider web out as folks “re-tweet” (to re post something so their followers may see that might not follow the source twitter user) and respond to these occurrences.

I’m under MadameMaracas both on Twitter and Plurk if you care to give them a whirl. While Twitter especially is set up for use on mobile phones and PDA’s, I’m using the web browser version, as my piece of sh*t phone can barely handle voice transmissions. Some folks use these tools for what is termed “micro-blogging” as they only take 140 character entries, others for socialization. I tend to use it for a bit of both, depending upon what strikes my fancy or interest. It is ADD heaven, follow as many as one likes, and get a slow trickle or constant flurry of information. It is up to the user.

There is much discussion amongst “Twitterers” and the press about the impact they have on world events, the case of one fellow arrested and released overseas basically due to his ability to send out a one word Twit asking for help. He posted “arrested”. Powerful. Sadly his guide wasn’t as lucky and last I heard had yet to be released. I frankly suspect that these might be the harbingers of what this form of communication will become, as they’re early in the process it is likely someone will come along and do it better. Stability and scalability are issues certainly, that anyone who’s been a long time resident of Second Life ™ certainly understands intimately. Those issues need to be resolved before one can truly assess what form of impact these tools will have in the long run. For now I’m enjoying them as fun and diverting, and that’s ok by me.

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Brighter LED’s …

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I can’t even tell you about what they’re using to do that nor the source or I’ll start laughing again, you’ll have to clicky and read yourself.

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