Beware Terrorists that Lurk in MMO’s!!

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The U.S. gov’t is “on to you” and they’re gonna hunt you down and weed you out like a professional, ninja-looting plat farmer on a 3 day Red Bull bender!! Don’t believe me? Clicky this link to read the Wired article.

Thanks to my EQ II guildie, Gkar, for pointing me to the article! Now if they could do something effective about griefers in SL, that might be worthy but I’d suspect this will go awry.

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Thieves Get Thee Out of SL!

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Front page of the NY Post … go gettum guys!

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Sick of SL Being Broken, Not Fixed, etc.?

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Take a look at this, Project Open Letter, a petition to spur Linden Labs to get working on fixing more than they break, and fixing stuff that’s more than overdue repairing. Basically, we’re asking them to provide the service advertised, fix tp’s, friends list issues, sim performance and asset server problems. You know, the stuff that makes SL work or not.

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NPR and PBS Funding at Risk – Again!

Posted on February 8, 2007. Filed under: Congress, Dissent, Education, Grass-Roots, Learning, Liberal, Linkage & W(a/o)nderings, MoveOn, movers and shakers, Politicians, Politics, security |

Put this in the category of I’m tired of these items even being an issue of discussion. I do not understand how actions that might limit access to public knowledge and information, freedom of the broadcast press if you will can be considered something to omit from our national budget.

Click here to reach the MoveOn dot org Petition Page.

When will G.W. Bush stop cutting into our rights and liberties? Even with the balance in Congress shifted against his agendas, he seems bound and determined to test all of our mettle. Just really ticks me off.

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VR World Phishing Hazards

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Over and over, everyplace on the web, print and broadcast media send out reminders to us all that we must safeguard our valueables, our passcodes, ourselves. Good, reasonable ideas that make sense to most of us. What yet seems to catch folks off guard and shaking their heads is the notion that while in their VR forays there might be folks lurking about looking to do wrong.

The thing of it is to me that I find that folks in VR are very much as they are RL, maybe even more so. If you are a kind and giving person, you will be so VR or RL. If you are selfish and grasping, same deal there too. If the need to take what others have is skulking about in your psyche, it may very well skulk its way out into pixelated sunshine and grow into a fellonous, noxious, kill-joy for others instead of a lil green devil on your shoulder, muttering. The anonimity of VR has often been discussed with regards to how it seems to bring out the best and the worst in folks. Well actually it seems that some folks think that “nice” people, given anonimity, “become” gaping assholes. I think the nastiness was always there, just restrained.

So, the discussion of self-preservation, online and off continues. Caveat Emptor. Watch Your Back. Don’t Take Candy From Strangers. Don’t Give Out Your Passcode. Brush Your Teeth. Use A Firewall. If The Offer Sounds Too Good To Be True, It Is. Change Your Passcode Regularly. Use A Seatbelt, Always. Don’t Use Easy To Guess Passcodes.

Oh, and most importantly …

Send Madame All Yer Lewt!

(just testing hehehe)

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