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I’m condensing this post from a few emails I’ve sent round, so this will be a chronological record of how the information has come to me and such.

Wednesday, April 22nd, Mom went in for a scheduled round of surgery.

There was a laundry list of stuff to do:

repair or replace both the mitral and tricuspid valve
replace the aortic valve (same as me)
Maze Procedure/Ablation to try to kick her out of the 4 years running atrial fibrillation she’s been in
replace the “jumper cables” on her pacemaker (iPod)
a bypass (dunno where sorry) as it was occluded 80%

The surgery ran maybe an hour longer than the projected 6 – 7 hours due to the amount of scar tissue encountered (from previous surgeries), they didn’t do anything to the mitral valve as it was only leaking 1 on a scale of 1 – 4, but otherwise it went well, the surgeons were pleased.

That’s the good news.

However, she won’t wake up. The CAT scan and EEG’s don’t show a stroke. They’ll repeat the same tests tomorrow (Fri 4/24) which will show if there was one today (Thurs 4/23). As I’ve been running a low grade temp this week I can’t go down there even. Marissa is there of course, staying downtown, losing her damn mind. As much difficulty has I have w/my mom I sure don’t want this.

I know that if she’s at all conscious of this, which I don’t think she is, as there are hardly any arousal signs on the EEG according to Gregg, but if she is, she’s fighting like hell. Stubborn and not giving up on life would be two core descriptors of my mom. Still this is awful.

I don’t know much more because when I talk to Marissa, she’s wound so much tighter than usual, I’m afraid to ask her anything and stress her more. It’s just not worth the added stress for her. I know she’s bird dogging the Drs.

So, I”m a lil stressed, frustrated and anxious, waiting for a few calls a day from Marissa or Gregg w/status updates.

I’ll let you guys know more when I know more.


Just got off the phone w/Marissa (mid-morning Friday 4/24).

She’s waiting for the full team of Drs to make their rounds, they’ve not yet done the CAT scan today yet either, so we don’t know a lot more.

Her sodium is high, they’re working to bring that down, and for some reason her right leg was spasming all night long on and off, got kinda beat up flopping off the bed when Marissa or the nurse couldn’t catch it.

Marissa finally took a Xanax and got about 3 hours sleep. She’s not yet been to the hotel room, she canceled it. I think after the Neurologist comes by she may run home for a shower and change of clothes.

So far today my temp has held steady at normal so if I can hang in there for 24 hrs. I’ll be headed downtown too.

Feel free to call or text my cell at any point.
I’m keeping Skype up so they can reach me there too or call out clearly.
(If you don’t have those contact numbers, email me or comment below and I’ll send it to you “on the side”.)

I’ll send more info when I know more, thanks.


Here’s the latest (a/o about noon Friday 4/24):

Her EEG shows signs of seizure-like activity in the right hemisphere, consistent with a stroke.

Her vitals are still solid.

No idea at this time the extent of damage or the duration of the seizures.

She’s on anti-seizure meds.

The EEG was discontinued at noon instead of 3 pm as they’d already gotten the information noted above that they needed. Some time after noon they’ll perform another CAT scan.

Marissa is on her way home for a shower and clean up and change of clothes, will turn around and head back afterward.

A stroke is one thing Mom was particularly scared of having happen, this will piss her off to no end, which I hope will work in her favor in recovery.

That’s all I know right now. Thanks guys.

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Back up North now …

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And it’s surprisingly cold/cool here in Chicago!  Landed yesterday in pouring rain, about 30 + degrees cooler than when I left Tampa, but happy to have gone and come home safely!  Ok so how to sum up ( to borrow from Inigo Montoya)?


Wednesday night I flew out, we sat on the runway about a 1/2 hour due to a pile up of air traffic caused by some rough weather south of Chicago.  I didn’t care, no one was waiting, I was taking a cab from the airport so I waited.  Aisle seat, no one in middle sleeping cute guy on window seat.  I picked up Chelsea Handler’s “Are you there Vodka, It’s me Chelsea?” in the airport, read some of it, very funny.  Freebie milk, great attendant staff and uneventful flight.  Landing however was something special.  There must have been a wicked cross-wind as the plane did lateral figure-8’s all over the place, but the touch down was SO smooth neither I nor my row partner could feel the tires touch down!  That’s some flying.  I complimented the flight staff, they seemed suitably pleased, as they should have been.


Did a bathroom pit stop and then I’m walking through the airport toward the baggage claim area and I hear “MADDY” and there’s Baccara and Stroker!  I didn’t know they were coming!  They wisked me down to baggage and my case was ready and waiting and out to the car we went.  Easy Peasy.


Casa Serpentine is spacious, grand, beautifully decorated and blissfully air conditioned.  Deb and the kids couldn’t have been any nicer or welcoming if they’d tried.  Met one of ST’s cohorts in technological wizardry that night, a fascinating fellow that is the end all be all guru of motion capture.  Funny thing, a bit I caught sight of last week on the web showing 3 different faces, a young woman, young man, and older man all mirror-emoting was done by this same fellow, Roger Nelson of Motionwerx!  A fellow Chicagoan and South sider, we had much to chat about outside of the expected gadgetry and wizardry territories.


Thursday was mostly about party prep for the Luau that night, Stroker and Baccara wizzing about at lightspeed, Fyre and me doing our best to keep up and stay out of the way while business meetings and other things were going on at the same time.  Evening time we started doing runs into the city to get folks at the hotel and schlep them out to Casa Serpentine (it’s about 15 miles away so not a short drive), which was fun, as folks were of course in high spirits and rather animated passengers to say the least!  After 2 trips and a few cab and rental car loads of folks arrived, the party really got down to business.  Folks started stripping down or changing into their swim togs and with a big cannon ball splash, Siggy got us all wet and swimming!


There was a rather Eros-styled ring toss game (blow up hermie doll, excited guy on one side, no shrinkage, perky gal on the other side) which of course got tossed about, mounted, and otherwise abused all night long!  We had killer Cuban fewds, jamming tunes, plenty of beverages and some really neat motion capture gear on display.  The final trip to the hotel was finished about 3 am and we all vegged for a bit by the pool and then went to sleep for a few hours.


Friday was more business meetings at the house for Stroker, and some running around for supplies and a lot of party prep for Saturday.  By evening we were ready to head down to the hotel for some Linden meet and greet and Irish pub socializing courtesy of Ham Rambler at the Four Green Fields tavern.  There were live musicians inside and out, plenty of piccys taken, and of course there was tons of hugging and grinning and storytelling and giggling going on.


Saturday was full-on party prep, and set up and some rather dramatic last minute changes.  I ended up DJing for about 2 hours, off of one DVD of Stroker’s music, via Windows Media Player (not SAM), mic patched into Nala’s board, Nala running the switcher and volume for me from behind a “gotta climb up over into the booth, not in my damn satin dress mind you” wall.  Nala figured out the tech and I cobbled together a playlist and somehow it worked, folks danced and I am not ashamed of that set.  Nala was the closer and BOY HOWDY did Nala knock it outtta the park.  This was a set for the ages, he had folks sweating and boogying their brains out despite the heat (the AC didn’t keep pace w/the heat the SLers were putting out)!  Only sour note really was the way security ended the event, that venue was tops otherwise but man they really gotta work on their people skills, they all but threw folks out the door like they were misbehaving in a cheap 50’s western bar brawl.  We cleared out the essential stuff and dropped off the extra booze at the hotel.  Well Baccara and I did, Stroker and Fyre went to go up to Nex’s room for more party, but by the time they got there the party had already been busted by the Tampa PD and moved out to a patio.


Sleep, sweet sleep, on Sunday and then we went downtown to let Stroker moderate a panel, and me hang w/Trin and Nala for a bit before they snagged a cab w/Alexa and Baccara to the airport.  Sat with Pulaski and some other SLers in the lobby chatting till Stroker & Fyre came down and we went for KILLER Hawaiian Fuision cuisine at Roy’s (wee there’s one in Chicago too!).  Nom nom nom nom nom.  Go if you have a chance.   Took Fyre to the airport, went to a beach on a causeway so I could dip my fingers in the bay (Atlantic ocean was a bit farther away than I realized hehehehee), walk on the sand and snap a few piccys.  Back to the house and some nice quiet time with the family till it was bed time.


Monday was some talking, some biz calls for Stroker and me packing up all the lewt he sent me home with, yea for expandable luggage.  We arrived at the airport and found that my luggage was WAY overweight, to the tune of 150 bucks!  We quickly emptied one of the boxes in the trunk, shoved a mess of gear in that, taped it up and voila!  only 40 bucks to ship it all back!  Whew!  I boarded my flight, had 2 rather funny row mates and had a rather smooth uneventful trip home.  Landed in pouring rain, got all the gear in the car and blithered my poor dad’s ears off with the above.  And that’s the trip in a nutshell.


The most important thing about this year is how much nicer it was, as an experience, being so much smaller.  I wasn’t in pain like before, I wasn’t wheezing and panting and having to stop out of breath.  Only trouble with clothes was some were a little BIGGER than optimal fit.  I was able and willing to do much more this time and I’m so very grateful to all the folks that have supported and encouraged me all along the process and it was really great for them to SEE me and see how that has paid off.  


So now we can all look forward to next year, where ever it may be, and how to get even more of the folks we know and love there in person at the same time!  I expect to be smaller still, more mobile and hopefully a little better prepared, as I only had about 2 weeks to prep for the trip it was such a long shot, me getting there!  Again for the billionth time I gotta thank my Pops for helping me find the money to get me there, Stroker and family for putting me up/up with me, and all of my friends for their support and hugs and laughs and giggles and fondlings!  


It was a great week and an amazing time I would wish upon anyone!

I’ll have photos up on Flickr today I think tomorrow at the latest.

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RL update

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I’ve been home now a little over a week, and other than having my blood pressure get a little too low the previous 3 days, I’ve been great.  I seem to be past the woozy and can get on with building up my stamina and doing my “walkies” in the building hallway.  It’s too darn cold, icy and Chicago-in-January-like outside for me right now, so my long hallway in the building will provide a safe, dull walking space.

Before anyone gets all panicky, I’ve seen the Dr.s even while I was having a woozy attack and they did tests and checked me out and such so we know what it is and what it isn’t and it’s being addressed.  They’re pleased with my progress otherwise, as I’m about 28 lbs lighter than I was on the morning of the 8th walking in for surgery.

I’m still rarely hungry, only able to “eat” about 4 oz. of gooshy food once or twice a day.  Takes me about an hour to eat it.  It really is as advertised, not hungry, and rapid weight loss.  My big challenge these days is getting enough water in me (part of the woozy issue), whereas before surgery I was very much a water chuggin’ girl, now it’s tough to get more than maybe 20 oz. in me a day.  I have to sip it, about a teaspoon at a time, all day long.  Also if I take my meds, or chewable vitamins, that feels like a full tummy so I have to wait.  And no drinking 30 min before or after OR during “meals”, so that’s about 2 hours of no drinking there.  It’s a race of mini-sips, mini-nibbles and meds all day long.  Keeps me occupied I guess lol.

As much reading and preparing as I did for this procedure, there is no way I would have anticipated major surgery to NOT be a huge hassle.  Honestly, this has been much easier than I would have ever managed to believe.  It also appears that I’m doing better than average for recovery too, overall.  I was able to sit up much longer than expected the first day, and sat for hours the 2nd when I think they were expecting 20 min or so.  I’m stubborn!  Well it is also that right after surgery, if I wasn’t moving it didn’t hurt. So sitting still was just fine.  Later on, that got to be sore too, I think as my guts re arranged to their new configuration and also as I went off the pain medication pump to every 4 hours or so.

Now I’ve not taken pain meds in a week, not even Tylenol.  My only discomfort is the tape on my healing boo-boos.  It itches and pulls.  I figure in about 2 or 3 days I should be tape free.  I can hardly wait!  My tummy is patchy from glue and tape irritation, the bitty incisions are healing well and flattening out pretty much.  Two of the drain-holes might end up a bit puckered, but I can live with that.  Not like I’m gonna go parading around in a bikini.  And if I do, I’ll not care, those are earned scars, just like the ones on my knees, elbows and hands.  They tell the tale of how I got here and now.

So that’s the update, blah blah blah.  Again, my friend and family, near and far-flung across the globe, have been fabulous, supportive and caring.  Thank you is such an inadequate phrase but I truly am thankful!

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Valery Salazar – What a find!

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I’m not usually one for pop music, I tend to walk the more weird end of the musical road, despite my Elton John and Pink Floyd addiction, I tend to like their less popular, not commonly known tracks and albums. I’m funny that way. Ok, now that I’ve sufficiently buried the lead, I’ve been introduced to a new addiction, no not Tiny Empires, that’s a different post I guess, no FaceBook.

As much as I’ve become buried under various networking and blogging devices of late, this one is truly fun to use and has yielded some interesting results. Mostly due to my involvement in the organization of SLCC 2007, and other Second Life friends, I’ve added LinkedIn, LiveJournal, MySpace, actually WordPress (here), and Flickr to my list of places I post or can be found. While I don’t really get the appeal of, MySpace seems like blogging for bad web sites from 1996, and LiveJournal is used in general in a too personal manner for my taste.

Flickr, Snapzilla and PhotoBucket are all handy redundant in purpose tools that I end up needing all of them due to the different groups with which I collaborate or access those services. WordPress to me is as Blogger was before, but I like it’s current configuration a bit better than Blogger’s, and as I was collaborating on the SLCC blog through here, it was just easier, sorry Blogger, you were a happy home for many years. LinkedIn is to me the ideal online resume residence. It allows one to present a great deal of what one would prefer to get to say in a preliminary and even secondary interview, all there, in text, for easy review, and all network-able. Damn clever.

FaceBook, what is different about it? It encourages networking, much as LinkedIn and to a lesser extend MySpace do, but in a playful manner and primarily with those you know vs. spamming the heck out of the wider web. The interface is clean, uncluttered and easy to manage. No fixed background scrolling text overlays to break my eyeballs. (yes it can be done there are visual images too garish even for me)

I have my cousins to thank for introducing me to FaceBook. No, that’s not quite accurate they got me to USE it. moo Money certainly had talked about it enough and I’ve certainly seen it mentioned in the press enough. It sounded like an IM tool pasted on top of MySpace, thanks but no. Well that’s not what it is. It is a fun network of those you know and some silly little games that can replace interoffice scrabble games quite handily. Because of the ability to search for folks by topics, geography, employment and education as well as by direct connections through those you know, one can find folks that one has lost contact with pretty easily. Or make random friend connections as well through a shared interest. In a way it’s like Second Life that way, a semi-random internet cocktail party that everyone’s invited to attend.

Ok, back to the lead.

Valery Salazar is a young musician, born in Barranquilla, Colombia, raised in Miami, Florida, and I found her video “El simple placer” on my cousin’s FaceBook page. It’s a tight little pop album and here’s the link to her website ( The songs are in Spanish and English, have nice poppy hooks and for the most part a rather upbeat pace. I’m not sure that she’s the next Juanes or Shakira but she’s worth a listen. “Welcome” has a definite dance-able beat and reminds me a bit of sped up Joni Mitchell somehow. “Brainwashed” carries a NIN-like industrial sound with a flat frankness to the lyric that reminds me of Blondie. Frankly, from her bio it sounds like we listen to a lot of the same things and it shows in her work. So I guess if you hate my taste in music, don’t bother, lol.

Oh and two versions of that video can be found on YouTube:.
It’s Been A Pleasure (English version)
El Simple Placer (Spanish version)

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Post-SLCC 2007 Observations

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Now that I’ve caught up on my sleep and had a little time to think about the experience, here’s my overwhelming (and not unexpected) impression. It went too fast. Never again while my health is for shit. Need more time to meet more folks, see more, well any, presentations and to hang out more with those I meet. Also, I’m hopeful that the lessons learned by me and others this year will be applied forward to subsequent gatherings.

Too fast, like a wedding, it’s over in an eye blink after nearly (for me) a year’s prep time. My poor body, in the crappy shape that it is, just didn’t have the stamina I’d want/like/expect to have for even just walking around, I was prepared for that, but how much it just plain slowed me down was frustrating. Not being able to dance as I would in years past hurt and angered me to be honest. In my 20’s and 30’s even, going dancing for 4 or more hours wasn’t unusual and to barely have the stamina for one friggin’ song, that was horrendous to me. Those of you that know me well know how stubborn I can be and determined, too. What I found was that if I “pushed” myself physically as I would in years past, that the consequences were frightening. So, not wanting to find out what an ambulance ride is like, I scaled back, took care of my areas of responsibility and that was that. I was able to do my job, anything less would have been unacceptable to me, I’m thankful that I was able to do that much, and with the help from some good friends at that, which is fine, as who among us gets “there” alone, truly?

That scaling back is what cost me time for presentations and for more socializing, so its kind of like the choice to not drink, die or not do it? Hmmmm, easy choice. And knowing that by next year, hell or high water, I’ll have had some major changes in my health managed by then, gives me even more impetus. Will make getting a decent costume together for the ball easier too, well maybe not, more options and choices will be tough, but that’s a burden I’ll happily suffer.

What were the surprises of the convention? How damn chipper folks where, how little drama I saw unfold (interpersonal not logistics, and frankly that I mostly heard about, I didn’t witness 1st hand), and how seamlessly folks blended together from different “in SL” social groups. Maybe this is more like what beta was like, as the head count was closer to the pre-public head count as anything, but it sure looked like nearly everyone went to Phil’s opening speech and that later that night nearly the same number of folks attended the ball (I’m betting it wasn’t nearly the same head count, just looked that way). Based upon the variety of costume wear, the name tags I could get a clear look at (omg we gotta make them bigger or I need new glasses or even better, I want lighting controls and/or a magnifier wand like in Photoshop IRL) there were folks from pretty much all the communities in SL, and certainly of every “age”. I was really happy to see so many folks I’ve known for years or just heard about for all that time, but just as happy to see folks that have only been in SL a short while embracing the convention and the platform. It’s a hopeful sign.

Phil’s speech was charming, engaging, and illuminating. He didn’t say anything all that surprising but showed himself to be the incredible “front man” I’d suspected he had to be in order to raise capital, motivate folks and drive this rather unwieldy, often unrealistic, completely pie-in-the-sky project that is Second Life forward and through any and all obstacles. The “Missing Image” tee shirt was a fun acknowledgment of a daily frustration for many or is it all of us. I saw him working the room, sticking around for ages talking to folks, listening to what they had to say. Never got to talk to him as I was “working” whenever he was about, but that’s ok, other than kvetching about him sticking me in server limbo about 2 years ago I dunno what I’d have to say to him anyhow. I’d rather say something interesting than not at all. I’m silly that way.

What wasn’t a surprise was the consistency of what meeting online folks IRL is like. It really is that look over, acknowledgment moment, and moving on as if one were in-world. That’s really nice, especially for those of us that DON’T look like our avatars, although a friend that didn’t make it to the convention got a look at the pictures and she noted that I do look like Madame. I thought about it, and went back to look at the pics and I guess I do. Or is it the other way around? Madame looks like a skinny me I guess. Except for the amethyst colored eyes, and bigger rack (even heavy I don’t have those hooters, which is fine, less cumbersome), oh and tiny feet, nothing short of late life foot binding is gonna give me tiny feet, nothing!

So what to do next year differently? Convention-wise, I’ll leave that to the official discussion, but suffice it to say my mantra is communication. Well it always has been for more than 1 person operations, and for good reason. We missed some obvious stuff, got a lot right, and will do even better next time. I’ll have my health in better order, so I’ll be able to do more, less painfully, and more enjoyably. I’ll prep myself and my personal life better for the convention. Stuff changed around a bit at the (for me, the personal life organizationally challenged person I am) last minute so to speak and that kinda threw my planning and preparations off. I’ll do better at getting a lil more rest (I’m not unrealistic but a lil more could have been managed) before the convention begins. I’ll have a functioning phone and not lose the damn thing at the end.

What went right? An awful lot. Some folks never made it to Chicago, due to the biblical storms on Thursday, unexpected health and family issues, however those that were staying with me, all made it in and home safely. I got to meet Trin and Nala FINALLY. Zomg that’s been long overdue. I got to meet just tons of folks, my two self-proclaimed stalkers couldn’t have been more charming, amusing, or loving if they’d tried. I felt that I contributed to the convention’s success, was thoroughly embarrassed by the acknowledgment given by my fellow committee members (I’m not good w/compliments, sorry if I acted weird about it), and very proud to see the results on so many smiling faces. The Thursday night trolley gig went off well if a little damply at the beginning. I wish more folks were able to go, some hadn’t made it in yet, were tied up with preparations or just plain (understandably) exhausted, but those that went had a grand time I think. It was and is important to me to share what I see as my Chicago with those I love and to see them enjoy something as wonderful as a night at the Green Mill, listening to jazz, that’s worth more than I can say. Definitely a high point.

There’s so much more but I guess you’ll have to ask me about it in person/avatar. Take a look through the picture links posted on the SLCC blog to get a feel for what went on, and what you see over and over is smiling faces. What better measure of success could there be?

Oh, and yes RadioRadio threw down at the Linden Meet and Greet, not that anyone IRL could hear us (hotel sound was teh suxxor in that room), hell I couldn’t hear Trin and Nala and they were sitting next to me! Nala ROCKED the end of the mascarade ball and regardless of some folks in-world that apparently have never heard nor heard of the 3 + year long running traditional 11 pm SLT TriNala song exhorting folks to strip down, the folks in Chicago went nuts! Teh Pink Cheekin was in fine form, following Nexeus’ blistering set with just the smoothest, tightest mix I’ve heard yet. My only frustration was w/my dumb health and not being able to really dance how I felt about the tuneage. Next year.

To those I spent the bulk of my time with, I love you guys, you are the best, and somehow we need to find more time, with less work attached to spend together and enjoy each others’ company. This project re-united me with some of my friends from earlier in my Second Life, and for that I am eternally grateful. I also have acquired some new good friends that are a welcome and wonderful addition to my life online and off. And ya know what? My guildies in EverQuest II greeted me back with abuse and proddings, as sure a sign that they missed me and welcomed me back, and (tolerated) my hiatus with good humor. Can’t ask for more than that can ya?

Finally, to my Pops and Ann, I cannot thank you two enough for the support you’ve given me and the help and tolerance you’ve shown me in these difficult years. Opening the house up so that we could get some props built on just the hottest damn day of the year was just one of many kindnesses you’ve graced me with, and that I’ll never be able to repay. Thank you so very much, love you.

Trinity Nala & Madame DJ!Trinity Nala & Madame DJ!

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